Finasteride: Propecia and Proscar

Propecia is a prescription drug that is approved by the FDA for use of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness hits people at different ages but usually will be those older men who will start to see some loss in hair on top and side of their head.


Propecia against hair loss (alopecia)

The use of Propecia can have good results in those who want to stop the hair loss and grow back their hair. The drug works by actually causing your hair to grow in areas. The results can be quiet good for men who use it. It can stop a hairline from receding, and cause the hair to grow back in areas.

The product should only be used by men and is not recommended for women to use. It has been shown in studies to slow down and reverse the loss of hair in men who used it. The product can be good for people who might just have started to lose some of their hair. It will be able to stop the hairline receding in some of these patients and keep their hair. It can be beneficial to those who have the thinning hair and see their hair loss starting in areas. It can help those with this type of hair stop what is occurring by blocking the hair loss and allow hair to grow.

The baldness and thinning hair in these people can cause embarrassment. It can make men who experience it feel unattractive and not as youthful as they once were. They might try to cover it up because of feeling they do not look as good. The loss of hair can lead to being seen as being old and not like their former self before they lost some hair. These men might try other methods and not be successful in stopping the hair loss. The use of Propecia though has been shown to reverse some of these symptoms in men. It can be quite effective in those who have seen hair loss and want to stop it from occurring anymore. With the use of the product results should be seen within a little while after starting the use of the product. The results show that it will take a couple of weeks for the hair to start to come back and might take even longer to see full results from using the product. The product might take some time so it might be a little while for some people to see the results. Men will benefit from the product who have had hair loss and need to stop the hairline from receding.

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