Propecia is a cure for male pattern baldness

John Rogers

John Rogers

General Practioner at The Royal Melbourne Hospital
I am a GP working in Melbourne, AU. My special interests are male health and erectile dysfunction.
John Rogers

Cures for male pattern baldness

Many claims are made for reversing the condition of male pattern baldness from simple remedies such as massage and caffeine-based shampoos, to pills to the more drastic and vastly more expensive hair transplants. The success of many of these proposed solutions can be short lived, painful or non-existent. So the prospect of a pill that could successfully limit the effects of baldness and even reverse the trend is one eagerly awaited by many men suffering from the hereditary condition.

Buy Propecia

Buy Propecia

Propecia is one such offering that claims to slow down thinning of the hair by as much as 48% and to offer hair regrowth in previously thinned areas in a claimed 42% of a sample surveyed over 5 years of product testing. It works by preventing testosterone conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is responsible for the shrinking of hair follicles. In addition it helps restore smaller hair follicles which can result in visible hair regrowth in previously affected patches of the scalp. The product has been found to be especially beneficial on hair loss at the front of the scalp, and there is ongoing evidence that this hair regrowth is maintained as long as the product continues to be used.

It is only available for men and is absorbed through the skin and therefore should be directly handled by women, especially pregnant women, or children. The risk to pregnant women should not be dismissed lightly , it can result in birth defects and whilst they are coated to prevent absorption, any woman handling them should immediately wash the affected area. Further studies have also linked the product to the development of cancers, in particular breast cancer in women, although it has been ruled out that a woman cannot be harmed by contact with a male taking this treatment.

That this treatment exists and appears to have variously successful outcomes in around 90% of testers is cause for hope for many men, however it is not without its side effects. Because it works directly on testosterone in the body, it can impact on fertility, impotence and the ability to have an orgasm. Other reported side effects include headache, dizziness as well as swellings or lumps in the breast or groin, and nipple discharge.

Generic Propecia is also contraindicated for medications treating such things as prostate cancer, liver disease, bladder defects and heart conditions. In particular there have been studies that link it to an increased propensity towards developing prostate cancer and as such it should not be taken without medical endorsement whether or not any of these current conditions have been diagnosed.

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  1. Thousands of men the world over have reportedly been rrnedeed impotent by Merck’s controversial hair-loss medication, and otherwise had their physical, social, emotional and professional lives decimated. And yet Merck has not lifted a finger to investigate the potential dangers Propecia is posing to millions of its customers. The thing I find puzzling is how, in the face of myriad complaints about its product, a pharmaceutical company is allowed to simply say, “Oh, yea? Prove it? See you in court.” If Merck were a car manufacturer and thousands of complaints about a mechanical defect in one of its models were reported, would the company be able to take the same stance? I think not.

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