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John Rogers

John Rogers

General Practioner at The Royal Melbourne Hospital
I am a GP working in Melbourne, AU. My special interests are male health and erectile dysfunction.
John Rogers

Propecia is a drug used to prevent male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is characterized by a receding of the hairline along the scalp. The hairline then recedes from the top of the head and the hair on the top of the head then thins out gradually. Eventually there is a ring shaped hairline that runs around the back of the head. Propecia works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the body. This conversion from testosterone to DHT is the chief catalyst in the process of mall pattern baldness. Propecia can not only work to reverse this pattern but actually helps to regrow lost hair.

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Propecia should only be taken as prescribed by a doctor in the prescribed amount. The medicine should be taken with a full glass of water and it can be taken either with or without food. Propecia should be taken at the same time each day. In order to benefit the most from Propecia, it should be taken daily and regularly. It could take up to three months before users begin to see the benefit of Propecia. Propecia users should continue taking the drug for up to 12 months in order for it to be of the most benefit. If the drug has not benefited the user after 12 months it is unlikely to be of any further benefit. Stopping Propecia will likely result in the loss of any hair gained over the period that it was taken. Propecia should be stored at room temperature. While taking the drug, your doctor may need to test your blood often to ensure that it is not causing any harmful effects. Propecia should never be taken by women or children as the chief agent in Propecia, Finasteride, can cause harm to a woman or child.

Prior to taking Propecia, you should tell your doctor if you have certain conditions, including prostate cancer, liver disease, or abnormal enzyme tests. Use of Propecia is known to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, your doctor may want to run regular tests of your Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels while you are on this medication. Propecia has been known to cause several side effects, including: dizziness, weakness, abnormal ejaculation, swelling of the hands or feet, headache, runny nose, skin rash, and impotence. More serious side effects include swelling of the face, lips, hands, tongue or throat and difficulty breathing. If users experience any of these more serious symptoms they should stop using Propecia and contact their doctor immediately.

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Propecia can be purchased in Australia online at several different online pharmacies. One such pharmacy offering Propecia is In addition to these online pharmacies, Australians seeking to use Propecia can use the traditional option of seeing a doctor and obtaining a prescription. This is the safest and most legal way to take Propecia. Regardless of how a user obtains Propecia, they should only take the drug as prescribed and recommended. Failure to do so can result in harmful and potentially dangerous side effects.

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