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More Information About Finasteride

There are different research that have been carried out indicating that finasteride can reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer in men. This is a drug that is used to treat male pattern baldness, you end up getting up to 30 percent improvement in hair loss after using this drug for a period of up to six months.

Reasons why this medication is prescribed?

You can use this drug alone or with a combination of other medications in order to treat symptoms such as urination difficulties, this also decreases the chances of prostate surgery. This medication is very effective in treating hair loss in men. It works by blocking the production of male hormone in the scalp that stops the growth of hair. Finasteride is also used to treat BPH by blocking the production of male hormones that cause the enlargement of the prostate.

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How to use the medication

This drug comes as a tablet that is taken by mouth. It is taken once in a day with or without food depending on your preference. It is important to take it around the same time on a daily basis. For the best results, always ensure that you follow the prescription and ask for explanation from a doctor or pharmacist in case you find any difficulty in understanding the prescription. Take it as prescribed by the doctor, you should not under dose or over dose the medication.

In case you skip a dose for a specific day, do not compensate by taking the drug twice. If you are allergic to ingredients in finasteride, avoid taking this drug since it may have negative effects on you. This medication is not appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Side effects

There are different side effects that you can experience as a result of taking this medication. Some are mild while others can be severe. It is important to seek the help of a doctor if you find yourself experiencing the following side effects;

  • Changes in breast size
  • Rash
  •  Itching
  • Hives
  • Swelling of the lips or face
  •  Difficulty in swallowing or breathing

It is important to observe the right storage when using this drug. Keep out of reach of children or away from excess heat. Follow the prescription as directed by your doctor for the best results. If you want to stop using the medication, you can discuss the issue with a doctor who will offer you with the best advice.


Propecia is a form of medication used in treatment of baldness within men. The medication works by reducing the natural hormone DHT thus leading to an increase in the growth of hair as well as the reduction of hair loss. This treatment does not affect growth of hair within the other parts of your body.

How you should use propecia

Before taking on this form of medication, ensure that you go through the patient information leaflet provided by the manufacturer. In case you have any doubt, consult your doctor or a well-trained pharmacist within your reach for more advice over the same.

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Buy propecia fast and secure in Australia

Some of the guidelines you will find in the patient’s guide include

You can take this medication with or without having any food. In most cases, you have to take once on a daily basis unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. If you have a crushed tablet, pregnant women or those who are thinking of getting pregnant soon should avoid handling them because of the effects that may result. In order to get the best outcome, you will have to use this medication more regularly. Furthermore, you have to maintain the time at which you will be taking the drugs. Although it differs from one person to another, it will take you a maximum of three months to realize the results. Do not stop using the medicine since hair will start to get lost within 12 months. After using for three months without witnessing any changes, you have to consult a doctor for more prescription.

Warnings/ Precautions

Only adult men should use these form of medication. Women and children should keep off these drugs because they are likely to cause birth defects among other complications. You should not take this treatment if you are allergic to finasteride or any the ingredients used in manufacturing process.

Side effects

While using propecia you have high chances of suffering from prostate cancer as well as breast enlargement. Other users experience testicular pain itching, swelling within the throat, lips or the tongue. It can also lead to poor quality semen or even infertility among the users. Some people have trouble in achieving erection even when they have stopped using this medicine.

Over dosage

In the event of an overdose, you have to seek for quick attention from the medical experts before the condition runs out of control.

Missed dosage

Once you miss on the dosage, do not take extra medication as a way of compensating for the same. The best way to cater for this is by continuing with the normal routine.

How should you store these drugs?

The drugs require temperature between 59- 86 degrees. They also have to be away from any source of light as well as moisture. In case you have children or pets ensure they do not access them. Avoid flushing these medicines down the toilet or pouring them through the drain system. Similarly, discard any expired drugs in the most appropriate manner. If you are not sure, check for instructions given by the manufacturer.