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How Finasteride Help Treat Hair Loss?

What Is Finasteride? Finasteride is a synthetic anti-androgen. An anti-androgen is a hormone that is capable of stopping the biological effects of the male hormone testosterone. It was approved in 1992 to help men with BPH. In 1997 it was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use by men to treat MPB.

How Does It Work? This synthetic drug actually acts on the enzyme, 5 alpha reductase, by preventing it from converting testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

DHT is the culprit hormone that causes MPB and FPB. It does this by attaching itself to the hair follicle. In doing this, it stops the flow of nutrients to not only the follicle but also the hair strand. Eventually the hair strand will fall out and the follicle will wither and die.

By preventing the formation of DHT, the hair follicle continues to get nutrients and will continue to produce hair. This action stops MPB and will actually help in re-growing hair.

How to Use Finasteride?

You should use Finasteride as you are asked to do by your doctor. Answer to your question should I take Finasteride would depend on if you are suffering from any bladder, urine or liver problems. If you are suffering from the above problems then you should not be taking Finasteride. Finasteride in pregnancy is strictly prohibited as Finasteride should not be handled by pregnant ladies and children. You can take Finasteride long with a glass of water or milk also. You can take Finasteride after having your food or without food also. Store the medicine in a cool and dry place.

Finasteride Dosage:

You should take your doctors’ advice for knowing what dosage is right for you. You should stick to the dose and should not increase or decrease the dose on your own. Be regular in taking your dose and take the dose at same time every day. In case you forget to take any dose then you should take that dose as soon as you remember. However, if the time for next dose is close then you should directly go for the next dose.

Buy Finasteride 1mg/5mg in Australia

Buy Finasteride 1mg/5mg in Australia

Side-Effects of Finasteride:

There are some side- effects of this medicine like Finasteride depression. You may experience depression if you are taking Finasteride. Finasteride in pregnancy is strictly prohibited. In fact pregnant ladies should not be even handling Finasteride.There are some Finasteride alternatives like using a wig or anti hair fall shampoo. Other alternatives to Finasteride include hair transplantation surgery. Do not ignore the side-effects as it may cause more complications. If you think that side effects are causing more problems, then you should contact your doctor immediately.

Where can you get Finasteride?

You can get Finasteride at your nearest chemist shops. If you are not able to get medicine at your chemists shop then you can order Finasteride online through online sites that sell this medicine. If you do not want to buy Finasteride then Finasteride alternatives include hair wig or shampoo.

Who Should Use It? In a study in Australia, it was shown to be effective in stopping hair loss in men (alopecia) 42% of the time. And in the same study, 48% of men have been shown to actually re-grow hair. Only men should use Finasteride since it has been found to produce birth defects. Doctors may prescribe Finasteride to women, but only after effective birth control measures have been put in place.

Conclusion – Finasteride can be found under the product name Propecia. It has been approved by the FDA for use by men. Women may use it, but it should be done under a doctor’s care.