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Finasteride is a drug that is used for the treatment of MPB (male pattern baldness) and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is also commonly referred to as an enlarged prostate. The symptoms of BHP include frequent urination (mostly at night), difficulty in urinating, decreased flow of urine and hesitation at the beginning of urination. Finasteride is used to combat these symptoms. However, alpha-1 blockers like tamsulosin provide more and faster symptomatic relief than finasteride does. In order for there to be some therapeutic results of the treatment of these symptoms, it is required that one takes finasteride for about six months. Studies have shown that it is finasteride rather than alpha-1 blockers that reduce one’s risk of contracting acute urinary retention and hence a need for surgery.

Finasteride 1mg / 5mg in Australia online

Finasteride 1mg / 5mg in Australia online

Finasteride is also used to treat androgenetic alopecia (which is also known as male pattern baldness). After six months of treatment, finasteride can improve hair loss by about 30 percent. However, for there to be a continued effect of this improvement, one must keep taking the drug. If one stops taking the drug, one’s hair will continue lessening.

Other uses of finasteride include hormone replacement therapy. It is used along with a type of oestrogen (because of the anti-androgen properties is possesses) for male to female transsexuals. There is very little research available for this use of finasteride and hence there is very little substantiation of its effectiveness.

It is rare that one may experience undesirable effects of finasteride. Alpha-5 reductase blockers come with an increased risk of prostate cancer, according to the FDA. Prostate-specific antigen levels are lowered during the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia and as a result, the development of prostate cancer could be hidden.

There are also some reports that state the increase in cases of male breast cancer thanks to the continued use of finasteride. However, there is not enough evidence available to prove or disprove the links between finasteride and breast cancer (or prostate cancer, for that matter).

There is some controversy regarding finasteride’s effect on a man’s sexual function. Some reports state that the continued use of this drug has resulted in reduced libido and in some cases erectile dysfunction. The FDA has made sure to include this information in the label of the drug so that healthcare professionals are aware of the potential dangers of prescribing it. There is a little evidence that supports the cases of erectile dysfunction and other types of sexual dysfunction.

A more recent study concluded that the clinical trials of this drug did not have ample safety reporting. It also did not offer enough useful information that backs the safety profile of the hair loss treating qualities of finasteride. The clinical trials of finasteride for the treatment of male pattern baldness that currently exist do not provide sufficient information regarding its toxicity (or lack thereof).

Finasteride was first approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness back in 1997. At the time, the FDA stated that the drug appeared “well tolerated”. The most common adverse effects of finasteride are mostly of the sexual dysfunction variety. For most men who stop taking this medication, sexual function is restored. At times, the issues of sexual dysfunction are resolved even when the medication is still continued.

What you should know about Propecia Pills.

How it works
Propecia pills contain an active ingredient known as finasteride.Finasteride is an inhibitor of enzyme 5-alpha reductase.This is the enzyme that facilitates conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the body.Decreasing the amount of natural body hormone dihydrotestostreone increases hair growth while reducing hair loss.Propecia is used to treat male pattern baldness at the anterior mid scalp area and the vertex.It should be noted however that it does not affect hair loss at any other part of the body.It should only be used by adult men and not children or women.

Buy Propecia Pills online

Buy Propecia Pills online

The recommended dose is one (1mg) tablet of Propecia once a day.Take this medication with a full glass of water.It can be taken with or without food.You should use 1mg finasteride daily for three months before any noticeable changes can be seen.If no changes are seen after 12 months then additional finasteride treatments are required.If you miss a dose,take it as soon as you remember.If it is near the time of the next dose,skip the missed dose and continue your dosing regimen.Do not double the dose in an attempt to catch up.

Before taking this medicine

If you have any of these conditions inform your healthcare professional:
– Prostate cancer
– Liver dysfunction
– A bladder muscle disorder
-Stricture of urethra or unable to urinate
– If you had any allergic reactions to similar medication known as dutastreide

Side effects of Propecia
Propecia can be absorbed via the skin.After handling,wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.It can cause hair growth on the palms.Get immediate medical help if you see any signs of these serious adverse effects.
-Hives,difficulty in breathing,
-Swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat
-Lumps in your breast,pain,serous discharge from the nipple; these are early signs of development of breast cancer in males.-Propecia should not be handled by children or women.It is a pregnancy category X drug and can cause birth defects when handled by pregnant women or those wanting to become pregnant.

There are also less serious adverse effects such as;
-Sexual side effects; impotence,loss of interest in sex, inability to achieve an orgasm, abnormal ejaculation. These sexual side effects may continue well after you stop taking the meds.
-Swelling of your hands or feet
-Dizziness, weakness, feeling of passing out
-Swelling and tenderness in your breasts
-Headache,runny nose or skin rash
Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about these side effects as well.

How to buy these pills in Australia
Propecia is a prescription medication but can be bought from online pharmacy stores.A month’s supply will cost you between 50-68$

Store in room temperature away from light and moisture.Keep away from reach of children and pets.