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Buy Proscar online

Proscar is a drug that is prescribed for patients who show symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Simply put, BPH is a condition whereby the prostate gland becomes enlarged. It is only men who experience the condition. Because the bladder is found right above the prostate gland, the enlargement of the prostate gland inhibits the proper functioning of the bladder. To this effect, the patient experiences the urge to urinate frequently. Moreover, he cannot hold in urine for long as he has to urinate immediately the urge arises. There is also the sensation that the bladder is not empty after urination. All these defects are common symptoms of BPH.

Buy Proscar online

Buy Proscar online

What exactly does Proscar do to alleviate BPH? First, it is important to note that the main reason behind the growth of the prostate gland is the high levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, the only way to get around the problem is by lowering the levels of DHT and Proscar does just that. Consequently, the prostate gland begins getting smaller and the bladder resumes normal functions. In this way, there is no need to have a surgery done to reduce the size of the enlarged prostate gland. If BPH is not treated early, the patient may eventually have infections in the urinary tract which will make urination difficult.

The medication comes packaged in tablet form. The main ingredient contained in Proscar tablets is finasteride. The drug also includes some other inactive ingredients. The drug comes coated for a good reason. The film helps minimize the chances of the active ingredient getting in contact with the skin. This is because the contact could lead to major side effects, particularly on pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant women. However, an accident may occur, and such a woman may get in contact with a crushed tablet. In such a case the woman is to wash the affected area with copious amounts of water. The woman should also see a doctor immediately.

The drug also causes some side effects in men. The side effects include:

• Problems with the amounts of ejaculates

• Reduced sex drive

• Enlarged and tender breasts

• Inability to get an erection

Men who are allergic to finasteride may experience an allergic reaction whose symptoms include a swollen tongue, lips, and throat, hives and rash. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid the medication in case you are allergic to finasteride. Even more dangerous is the fact that Proscar may increase your disposition to prostate cancer.

It is mandatory to swallow the one 5 mg tablet at the same time daily for six months to realize the expected results. You are allowed to take the pill with food or even without it. Because humans are prone to err, sometimes you may forget to swallow your medication. In this situation take one as soon as you remember. However, if the time has come for you to take the next drug, do not take the one you forgot. Be careful not to allow children to touch your tablets. At the same time do not permit anyone else to swallow your tablets because they are yours.

You can buy the drug at an online pharmacy and have it shipped to you. However, you should note that some of these websites require a valid Australian prescription while others do not.


Proscar refers to the generic form of the drug Propecia, which is used to prevent hair loss as well as promote the growth of new hair among men. The medication has also been proven to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, which in the enlargement of the prostate gland. The drugs tends to prevent the conversion of testosterone released by men into dihydrotestosterone (DHT, which is linked to issues such as male pattern baldness and BPH. According to recent studies, more than 83% of men who use this medication experience complete stop of hair loss thereafter. Therefore, if you have been losing hair in the recent past, your search for an effective treatment should end here.

Buy Proscar online

Buy Proscar online

When using this medication, you need to know the following things

• Sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction are likely to continue even after you have stopped to use the medication.

• You should avoid this medication if you are allergic to finasteride or any ingredients used in making the medication.

• It is important to inform your doctor before using this medication so that he or she can advise you accordingly. Tell him or her if you have ever suffered from cancer or any other health related complication before.

• When using the medication, seek for medical attention as soon as possible if you notice discharge in the nipples, pain and breast lumps

Side effects of Proscar

One of the common side effects experienced by men who use Proscar is decreased sex drive. There is also a reduction in the amount of semen produced by the body. The other side effects include

• Depression

• Pain

• Chest area lumps

• Breast tenderness and enlargement

• Testicular pain

• Male infertility because of the poor quality semen

• Rashes

• Itching

• Hives

• Swollen lips, tongue, throat as well face

Proscar Interactions

When buying any medication, ensure that it does not interact with other drugs. There are no reported interactions between the use of this medication and others on the market. Some of the drugs that have been tested with finasteride include

• Digoxin

• Warfarin

• Antipyrine

• Propranolol

• Theophylline

• Elixophyllin


Despite the fact that no interactions have been reported on the use of this medication, it is important to inform your medical doctor about the different prescriptions you have used in the past including vitamins, illegal drugs and herbal supplements if any. This will enable the doctor to guide on the proper use of the medication in order to avoid any form of side effects that are likely to occur along the way.

Proscar Dosage

The manufacturer of this medication recommends that men should take 1mg tablet daily for better results. The drug can be taken with or without food depending on your preference. It will take up to three months in order to realize positive outcome after using the medication. If you stop taking the drug, the effects are likely to be reversed within a period of 12 months.

Proscar Missed Dose

In event that you do not remember to take this medication as expected, do not make a mistake of doubling up the dosage. Instead, just continue with the normal routine once you have remembered. The medication will not work any better even you opted to take more in a single day.