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Buy Generic Propecia online

Propecia, whose generic name is referred to as finasteride, is a medication that is commonly used to treat male pattern baldness. Propecia works by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, in the body.

Buy Generic Propecia online

Before taking Propecia, please inform your doctor if you may have liver disease, any type of bladder muscle disorder, stricture of the urethra, are unable to urinate, or have had any allergic reactions to similar medications such as dutasteride. It is also suggested that Propecia not be used for the prevention of prostate cancer, as it can increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. Propecia should never be taken by women or children nor should it be handled by women and children, especially those women who are pregnant, as it can be absorbed into the skin and could possibly cause birth defects in women handling the medication while pregnant.

Propecia should be taken once daily by mouth. In order to get the most from use of Propecia, it is suggested that the medication be used regularly and that it be taken around the same time daily. As Propecia must be taken consistently in order to maintain hair growth, any hair growth gained due to taking the medication may be lost once it is stopped being taken. If a dose is missed, be sure to take the missed dose as soon as possible.

Possible side effects of taking Propecia may include swelling of hands or feet, breast swelling or tenderness, dizziness, headache, runny nose, skin rash, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues, or decreased interest in sex. More serious side effects may include hives, difficulty breathing, or lip, face, tongue, or throat swelling, which all are indicative of an allergic reaction. If having signs or allergic reaction, or having any noticeable signs of breast lumps, pain, nipple discharge, seek medical attention as soon as possible as this could be a sign of male breast cancer and should be treated as soon as possible.

Certain medications are commonly known to have interactions with Propecia such as Adderall, Ambien, aspirin, Ibuprofen, Xanax, Zyrtec, and Viagra. It can also interact with other nonprescription or herbal medications as well. Please check with your doctor before taking Propecia if you are taking any other medications that may cause an interaction, as it can cause either of the medications to be ineffective if used together. Propecia is also known to cause interactions in those with liver disease and urinary obstruction.

Propecia normally comes in the form of a coated tablet. In most cases, it is usually given in 1mg dosage forms. Propecia can be bought through several Australian retailers online such as Although it is usually prescribed in 1mg doses, if bought online Propecia can be bought in 1mg doses and 5mg doses. It may also be bought in amounts of 30, 60, 90, or 120 pills.

Propecia should be stored at room temperature and away from light or moisture. Do not store the medication in high moisture areas such as the bathroom.