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Buy Kamagra

Kamagra, also sometimes called Viagra Kamagra, is a generic kind of sildenafil which is also called Viagra but due to trademark issues it cannot use the name Viagra even though it usually comes in gelatin form and is from India and not the USA (where Pfizer the creators of Viagra are from) Pfizer still refuse to allo

w other brands to use the name Viagra for sildenafil.

Buy Kamagra

Kamagra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma (an Indian pharmaceutical company) and has been approved by the Indian FDA for human consumption and use to treat for erectile dysfunction. Kamagra (sildenafil) acts by inhibiting enzymes that regulate bloodflow through the penis tissue and therefore making blood flow into the penis and giving the user an erection for a couple of hours. Originally Kamagra was developed as a anti-hypertensive pill (hypertension being high blood pressure) but a side effect was found to be giving male users an erection so the drug was re-dosed and used instead as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Kamagra usually comes in either gelatin sachets or blue diamond shaped pills and it should be stored at 15-30 degrees Celsius.


The typical dosage for Kamagra is between 50-100mg taken around an hour before sexual activity, dosage may be lowered for users with liver or kidney problems as sildenafil can be difficult to break down. Side effects of Kamagra can include swollen ankles and legs, angina pains (chest pain), priapism (erections lasting longer than 4 hours), if any of these effects occur a medical professional should be contacted immediately. Allergic reactions to Kamagra can result in swelling of the face, lips and tongue, rashes and difficulty breathing, if any of these side effects are felt a medical professional should be contacted. Kamagra is not sold over the counter in Australia as it is not prescribed since Pfizer Viagra is used.

Buy Kamagra legally in Australia

However Kamagra can be purchased in gelatin and pill form without a prescription from websites online such as as they are being dispensed by pharmacists so it is considered legal in the eyes of the law.

Kamagra is legal in Australia and despite it not being dispensed at pharmacies it is still considered a controlled substance as it is a Viagra analogue which is a controlled substance. Kamagra gelatin costs around $4 per unit (2 doses) when purchased in bulk and will be packaged in a sachet with 120mg of Kamagra. Kamagra pills cost around $2 per unit and comes in 100mg doses and will be packaged in a blister pack. Other things to note about Kamagra is that is should not be taken by people with low blood pressure, anemia, arrhythmia or a history of heart issues as a side effect of Kamagra is a low blood pressure.

According to the Australian government Kamagra and other Viagra analogues should not be avoided and if someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction and instead they should visit their GP and get a prescription for Kamagra. Generic pills bought from online pharmacy sites are the best alternative to the Brand Viagra.