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Cheaper alternative to Viagra: Kamagra jelly

Kamagra jelly is one of many available treatment options for erectile dysfunction, which affects many men throughout life, caused by a lack of blood to the penis inhibiting the ability to either form and/or maintain an erection hard enough to engage in sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction becomes more pervasive with age and it is estimated that over 50% of men over the age of 40 will experience or have experienced some degree of erectile dysfunction, which is not a small amount. Millions of men are affected all over the globe and yet less than ten percent will speak to their physician to receive adequate treatment.

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Kamagra jelly is an available option for those who are experiencing erectile dysfunction but may have issues with swallowing traditional oral tablets. Kamagra jelly exists as a cheaper alternative to the well known brand of Viagra, containing the same active ingrediant: sildenafil. Sildenafil acts to bring blood to the penis, allowing for an erection, and is also used to treated pulmonary arterial hypertension. Kamagra jelly has some similar side effects to Viagra, such as minor effects like headche, heartburn, flushing, and dizziness. If these persist or worsen it is important to stop consuming kamagra jelly and seek emergency attention. Severe side effects include chest pains or an erection lasting longer than four hours, which has the ability to cause permament damage to the penis.

Kamagra Jelly is available through online means, available in many doses including 25 mg and 100 mg, similar to other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra. While Kamagra Jelly is a treatment for erectile dysfunction, it still requires sexual stimulation to form an erection. The drug can be taken before such simulation and will allow for formation and stimulation of an erection.

Do no mix kamagra jelly with other medications treating for erectile dysfunction or alcohol. These can have dangerous drug interactions. This is a concern with purchasing through online pharmacies because of the lack of medical dialogue. Always make sure to consult medical advice when starting a new medication.

Erectile dysfunction occurs amongst a large population of men and is not something to fell ashamed about or be afraid to disclose your experience with a doctor. Medical professionals recognize that a healthy sex life is important in life and help many men use erectile dysfunction medication to be able to attain this and overall better their life. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by age or physiological issues. Whether it is psychological or physiological, kamagra jelly can help to alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction. These are decisions to be made in accordance with a licensed medical professional who can direct you to an appropriate option, dosage, and prescription.

Kamagra jelly, though in competition with big name brands such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, is becoming more popular as an alternative to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Different from these traditional brands, Kamagra Jelly allows for ease of consumption for those who may find it hard to swallow regular oral coated tablets and remains as a cheaper alternative.

Suffering from erectile dysfunction? Then Cialis might be the answer to your problems

Cialis is the brand name for the generic drug tadalafil, which is approved to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis is to be taken as needed, or can be taken once daily, but should not be taken more often than this. It is available in a tablet form and should be taken orally.

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In clinical trials, the most common side effects of Cialis include muscle pains, headaches, congested nose, indigestion, and flushed skin. Oftentimes these side effects go away as you get used to the medication. The muscle pains in particular will usually go away after a person adjusts to the drug. There is a small but serious risk of vision changes or sudden loss of hearing that users should be aware of, and if this happens while taking Cialis it needs to be reported to a medical professional immediately and you should not take any more Cialis. Cialis can cause low blood pressure, so it should not be taken along with any nitrates or the recreational drug called “poppers”.

One of the big advantages to Cialis compared to other drugs used for erectile dysfunction is its exceptionally long half life. While Viagra only lasts for several hours, Cialis can last for several days so it can give the user a lot more flexibility in planning their lifestyle. It can be used on a once a day basis as a treatment for erectile dysfunction or it can be just taken as needed when a person is planning an upcoming sexual encounter and needs to be able to perform.
Your dosage should be determined by a medical professional, as Cialis is available in various dosages and strengths. This will depend on your unique background and circumstances, so it’s important to share everything about your medical history with your doctor before taking Cialis to be sure there are not any conditions you have that would make it unsafe to use. Certain existing conditions and medications are not good to take in conjunction with Cialis, so this all needs to be reviewed prior to deciding to take it.
Once you have determined that Cialis is appropriate for you, you can easily purchase it in an online pharmacy in South Africa. The online pharmacies in South Africa are unique in that you can get your prescription in various sizes and strengths, and you can get a great deal on it. The pricing will vary depending on how much you buy, usually with a better price for large quantities of the medication. Regardless of how much you order, though, you will benefit from the advantage of being able to order your medication online and have it shipped to your doorstep. This is highly convenient and makes it much easier to pick up medications. If there is bad weather or you are really busy with work or your family, you don’t have to bother with waiting in line at the pharmacy but instead you can just order from the online pharmacy in South Africa. This is clearly the most convenient way to obtain your Cialis. You can use a credit card to pay for your order when you place it online.