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Why oral jelly is the most popular form of Kamagra?


Kamagra jelly
Kamagra jelly in Australia
Kamagra is a special Erectile dysfunction medication which is manufactured and marketed by a company known as Ajanta Pharma. It’s an improvement of Viagra in terms of efficiency in that it allows the ingredients to be absorbed into the blood system in less than 15 minutes and also easier to ingest as it is sweet flavoured hence does not require water to wash it down the throat.The element comes in different flavours such as mango, chocolate vanilla,orange, mint,strawberry and black currant. The major component in the manufacture of Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate which in an element that was synthesised by Researchers of pharmaceuticals Firm Pfizer in the United Kingdom during their attempts to develop medications for Hypertension and Angina Pectoris(Ischaemic Heart disease).The researchers discovered that that Sildenafil Citrate didn’t have effects on heart related complications but rather induced remarkable penile erections.Pfizer thus decided to market the erectile Dysfunction remedy which turned to be a success with approximate sales of billion between 1999-2001.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is the most preferred form of Kamagra owing to it’s variety of flavours and it’s dosage guidelines.As a tradition, most Sildenafil Citrate medications are sold in tablet form.However, Kamagra is distinct from the rest as it comes in the form of a Gel.The Logic behind this was mostly influenced by the target market which is largely comprised of elderly men whose libido have dipped due to ageing. The medication was also a great religion to the elderly men suffering from dysphagia in that they had Erectile Dysfunction medication which required no swallowing. Kamagra was even more acceptable as it required no hiding from partners when swallowing as witnessed by other forms of ED which can be pretty embarrassing and a bother to self esteem.

Just to understand the mechanism behind the functionality of Kamagra it will be prudent to understand the sexual arousal process.When a man is aroused sexually, the body releases nitric oxide into the Penis which leads to the release of cGMP(Cyclic Guanine Monophosphate).For men with Erectile Dysfunction an element PDE-5 which inhibits the production of cGMP is usually in high levels and this is where Kamagra comes in.It activates enzyme inhibition of PDE-5 which allows large production of cGMP which leads to relaxation of penile muscles and in turn allowing more blood to flow into the penis.That’s how Kamagra enhances sexual arousal in a man.

The medication is packaged in 50Mg and 100 Mg sachets and the content should be taken once thereof.It’s advisable to take Kamagra at least 20 mins before sexual activity to allow it’s absorption into the body system.The dosage should be taken once in 24 hours which should be strictly observed to avoid abuse.Kamagra is recommended for individuals with difficulties in sustaining an erection enough for any sexual activity, Erections that don’t last long enough for sufficient sexual satisfaction and as it is common with other Sildenafil medications it can used as treatment for Pulmonary arterial Hypertension(PHA) and Pulmonary Edema which is altitude sickness.

There are various Side effects caused by use of Kamagra as mentioned and discussed below.
Urinary Tract infection,Gastrointestinal Problems,Diarrhoea, Nasal Problem,headaches,Vision impairment,heart attack,stroke,unexpected hearing loss ans sometimes Priapism.

Australia is one of the countries where it’s easy to access Kamagra mostly through the internet by online purchase.There are online vendors such as, can be made by use of credit/debit cards and the ordered drug name is not displayed on the parcel for privacy purposes.The package can e derived as fast as 24 hours and also fast through shipment as there is no problems with custom at the borders. Kamagra tends to be cheaper than other Sildenafil Citrate elements costing as low as $ 1.5 in Australia.