The 3 Least Told Sexual Side Effects of Propecia

John Rogers

John Rogers

General Practioner at The Royal Melbourne Hospital
I am a GP working in Melbourne, AU. My special interests are male health and erectile dysfunction.
John Rogers

More than five hundred thousand men in the United States are using Propecia to reverse their male pattern baldness. The drug has an active ingredient called finasteride. The ingredient blocks the hormone responsible for the common genetic form of hair loss. Detailed studies by enthusiastic scientists suggest that it can have adverse side effects on our sexual health.

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Erectile dysfunction

One of the adverse side effects that Propecia has on you is erectile dysfunction. Propecia clinical trials have indicated that 6 to 8 percent of patients experienced erectile dysfunction after using the drug. The following are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

• Difficulty maintaining an erection

• Difficulty getting an erection

• Low sexual desire

These complications are as a result of Propecia’s suppression of DHT in your body. DHT is a hormone in your body that plays a significant role in erectile physiology. Additionally, further human and animal studies have confirmed that Propecia can have severe effects on erectile response.

Although lowering you body’s levels of DHT can correct hair loss, side effects arise since this sex hormone is important for:

• Maintaining smooth muscles

• Maintaining the structure of your muscles

• Maintaining connective tissue

• Signaling pathways in your penis

Loss of libido

Reduced interest in sex is another adverse side effect of Propecia that may persist long after you stop taking the drug. Clinical trials on Propecia indicate that 5 percent of men taking the drug experienced a loss of libido. The average duration of all the side effects was a total of 40 months.

Although a persistent reduction in sexual desire only occurs in a few patients, it can be very devastating for these individuals. The problem has a serious emotional toll on men and their partner. In most cases, the worst case scenario is that this problem destroys their relationship.

Ejaculatory disorder

Numerous trials on Propecia indicate that you can suffer from ejaculatory dysfunction upon using the drug. Ejaculatory function in your body can decrease in 26 weeks and 52 weeks of treatment, according to researchers’ results.

Other numerous ejaculatory disorders associated with this drug include:

• Ejaculation failure

• Retrograde ejaculation

• Decrease in semen volume

According to clinical trials on the drug, 4 percent of the patients taking the drug experienced some ejaculatory disorder.

Other side effects of Propecia include:

• Testicular pain

• Depression

• Poor quality of semen

• Allergic reactions like rashes, hives, swelling of the face and lips

• Male infertility

• Male breast cancer

• Breast enlargement and tenderness

FDA recently revised the drug and stated that the mentioned side effects of Propecia may continue even after it is not being used anymore. FDA’s list of side effects included the mentioned side effects and orgasm disorders.

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  1. Male Pattern Baldness how to fix?Over the past 7 years, I have lost almost all of my hair on the front top of my crown and on the tpmeles. My hair on the sides and back is still very thick and grows very fast. Weird thing is that when I abstained from sex for a couple of months, my hair actually grew all back. I have researched alot and looks like it comes down to testosterone turning to DHT which destroys the hair follicles. I guess somehow this is exaggerated during sex. : ) Anyways, I’ve only come up with three solutions; finasteride, minoxidil, and saw palmetto. I’d prefer to use saw palmetto since it’s natural.1) Have any of you used Saw Palmetto to treat hair loss and experienced positive results?2) Do you have any other suggestions other than to stop having sex altogether?

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