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What you need to know if your child has an intestinal parasite infection

Can People Get Worms In Australia

You are probably familiar with the old adage that your should always cook your pork or you’re gonna end up getting worms right? No? Just me? Well I heard it a lot growing up in the south. Turns out, it’s kind of true.

It is very possible to get a parasite in your intestines as creepy as that sounds, not that under cooked meat is the only way that this can happen. Hopefully I’ve got your attention because I want to talk to you about intestinal parasite infections and what they are in this article.

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What are parasitic worms

Starting with the basics, an intestinal parasite infection is one in which a parasite invades your intestinal tract. This can happen to either humans or animals, and is usually the result of either eating undercooked eat, drinking water that is infected, or worse by coming in contact orally with infected fecal matter or absorbing it into your skin.

These types of parasites can live anywhere in your body, but in reality, your intestines are a parasites dream, allowing them to feed and grow to their hearts content so they prefer to reside there in most cases.

Symptoms of worms

Honestly, determining if you have a parasite is not easy. When you look at a list of symptoms that it can cause, and the number of parasites out there that can life in your intestinal tract, it become apparent that this is not the first thing your doctor is going to check for. And it is probably not the first thing that you are going to think it is.

Most commonly you will have weakness or fatigue, due to the fact that your new friend is being greedy enough to hog a lot of the nutrients you are consuming for itself resulting in lower energy as well as vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. You may also experience inflammation in either your small or large intestine, diarrhea, abdominal pains, and nausea.

This can result in pretty severe weight loss as well as a decrease in the amount of food you want to consume in general since everything just ends up coming out one end or another. 

Intestinal parasites

Sadly, intestinal parasites are a type of issue you are less likely to see in your local white collar neighborhood, and much more likely in poorer part of the country and 3rd world nations. Due to their living conditions and poverty stricken locations, they come in contact with the above mentioned factors much more often and you are much more likely to see them affecting people at much younger ages, even childhood.

If a child does experience an intestinal parasite infection and it goes untreated, they are in danger of growing up to develop physical or mental disabilities or even delayed growth in their body as they grow up.

What are the signs

Though most commonly consumed unintentionally, once the parasite enters your mouth and finds its way to your intestinal tract, it can reproduce freely and cause all these symptoms and more based on what kind you end up with. And likely in the end, one of the only ways your doctor is going to figure out that this is the issue you are dealing with will be after he has exhausted some of the more common options based on your symptoms and ends up having a stool sample examined in a lab.

One of the most common ways that these types of infections get diagnosed are from these stool samples because they contain the eggs and larval offspring of the parasite that is now calling your body its new home.

How to avoid

So, generally speaking, all of those stories your parents may have told you were true. However unlikely they were, there is usually a good reason that they always wanted you to cook your meat and wash your hands. The last thing you want to do is end up in the ER with a huge worm in your gut because you decided one day that you were just a little too busy to be bothered washing your hands, accidentally touching your mouth when handling raw meat, or doing that same after having a nice work outside.

If you experience any of these symptoms and it seems like a dead end, this advice might save your life, so be sure to mention it to your doctor if you notice it. Be safe out there and don’t be the home for some worm.

Albendazole: when to take it, how to use it and side effects


What Are The Risks Of A Pinworm Infection

There are few things in this world as hard to notice going on with your body as a pinworm infection. Heck, most parasitic worms are very hard to notice in people as they either mimic the symptoms of other, common, sicknesses or they cause no symptoms at all. unfortunately for all of us, pinworms belong in the latter category. But say you do notice it, what can you do. Thankfully in this case there is actually a pretty simply treatment called Albenza which can rid you of a pinworm infection. And that’s what we’re about to get into, so strap in and lets nuke those worms.

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What is Albenza

Albenza belongs to the drug group known as an “Anthelmintic” which is just a fancy way of saying it is an anti-worm medication. Not only is Albenza useful in preventing pinworms from growing and laying additional eggs on you, but it actually kills and new hatched or hatching larvae. Pinworms may not be the only parasite that Albenza is known to take care of, but for all intents and purposes that will be our talking point today.


Before we go any further I would be remiss if I did not mention this. If you are considering this treatment for yourself or someone you know and love and they are pregnant then you should stop reading now and find another route. Albenza has been known to cause harm to unborn babies, so you need to take precautions even if you are not pregnant that you don’t becomes pregnant for up to three days after your last dose. Make sure you take a pregnancy test if applicable before going to your doctor, or if you have already given birth you should avoid breastfeeding as there is not sufficient evidence proving that this drug will not be transferred to your child through breast milk.

Medical history

As with most medications, your doctor will have a few questions regarding your medical history before prescribing you something new. Be sure to let your doctor know if you are allergic to Albenza or anything similar. You may also need to let your doctor know if you have any known eye issues, liver disease, or bone marrow suppression, as these types of cases can be made worse or cause very serious complications in conjunction with Albenza.

Albenza prescriptions

If you do have a type of parasite that Albenza works well in treating then your doctor will likely write you a prescription, discuss these side effects, and go over dosing information. This information will also likely be provided to you in writing via pamphlet, and be written down on the pill bottle that you receive from the pharmacy. There is a reason the information tends to get drilled in your head by everyone that handles it, and that’s because it is not just a suggestion. If you are serious about treating a condition that you have and getting back on a good track of living your best life, then it is in your best interest to do as your told and take your medicine correctly.

Take with food

Albenza is the type of prescription that needs to be taken with food. If you are like me, and have trouble swallowing pills then you will be happy to know that this is the type of medication that you can crush up into your food or chew in order to take it. Also make sure that you take it with a full glass of water as well. One of the unusual things that comes along with a parasite medication is the fact that you may be prescribed other medications on top of this one. The reason being is that you have a living organism that is being killed inside your body, this is going to cause other issues and side effects as it happens and passes through out of you.

Alternative medications

Any other medications you receive will be specifically used in treating those issues. Dosing is also based on how much you weigh, so if you are losing or gaining weight at a fast rate you will need to let your doctor know so that your prescription can be adjusted accordingly. Parasites suck, but if you can get a diagnosis that are pretty easy to treat. so take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you always.