Propecia as a hair loss treatment: pro and cons

Hair loss is a topical problem for most people on this planet. According to statistics, the hair loss in men occurs 70%. It is believed that alopecia in women is much less common condition, but statistics show the opposite – 30% women will face hair loss sooner or later in life. Fortunately, the loss of hair in women is not usually complete hair loss as in the case of men. The reason of hair loss is not completely clear, but doctors agree that there are a number of factors, such as: stress, anemia, genetics, thyroid hormone disorders, menopause, and fungi. Young mothers often suffer from hair loss after childbirth.

Hair loss can also be caused by fungus, which can occur on the scalp. The hair can fall out due to chemotherapy and other medications. Alopecia cannot be cured, but it may be reduced, say doctors.

In the market there are a multitude of products against hair loss, for which are said to prevent alopecia, even restore lost hair. But the person, who is suffering from hair loss, is only interested in whether this product will help him? No doubt, that there is no instant solution and that is to treat alopecia takes time and patience.

Propecia have scientifically-based action against alopecia. Propecia 1 mg tablets should be taken at least 3-6 months in order to view the results. Specifically, after the first day of administration, Propecia is active on DHT (hormone), which is important in the growth cycle of hair. For the next three months can be seen reduce of hair loss, but only for 6 months can be actual note hair growth. But results are individual! Propecia is effective but has the disadvantage that can have some side effects. First, it should be noted that none of the methods gives quick results. It is impossible to go bald for a day – it takes a few months or a few years. It is impossible to get bald for a day – it takes a few months or a few years. The results of therapy are usually seen after several months of daily use. Everything in the body is connected to each other; therefore the health of the hair depends on the health of the whole organism. If you have a problem with hair loss, it is recommended to improve nutrition, get rid of bad habits, reduce stress and start to play sports. But the fact that science has progressed, and that is a problem for baldness is something that scientists are working with every day , however, first try Propecia, as the most effective remedy against baldness.

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